We work in some of the most remote locations around the world.

Job Description
· Assisting senior geophysicists with geophysical investigations and geophysical data processing

Minimum Skill Requirements/Experience
· A tertiary qualification in geophysics, geoscience or similar physical science
· 0-2 years general geophysics project experience
· Basic geophysical software experience e.g. ReflexW, Res2D, GPR-Slice, Surfseis, Encom Profile Analyst, Geosoft Oasis Montaj, Golden Software Surfer
· Basic experience of the QA/QC of geophysical data
· Basic geophysical data processing experience
· Basic geophysical data acquisition experience

    Job Description
    · Assisting field geophysicists with geophysics data collection, general geophysical equipment maintenance and general project logistics

    Skill Requirements/Experience
    · 0-2 years general geophysical data collection experience
    · Basic equipment maintenance experience
    · Basic project logistics experience

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      Draig Geoscience provide a wide-range of geoscience consulting services, with world-wide happy clients. We utilise the latest geoscience surveying techniques for a range of applications including environmental monitoring, geotechnical studies, groundwater mapping, infrastructure assessments and mineral exploration.