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Draig Geoscience is a specialist geophysical consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia.

Draig’s specialist consultants have undertaken and managed a wide variety of geoscience projects all over the world.

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Draig can provide land-based (including downhole) and marine geophysical data acquisition.


Draig can provide QA/QC of geophysical data, data processing, data interpretation, 3D modelling and 4D monitoring.


Draig can provide independent reviews of geophysical investigations ranging from the tender to final interpretative report stages.


Draig offers services from collecting geotechnical data (SPT, Vane Shear Test and CPT), supervision of geotechnical drill rigs, to factual reporting of collected geotechnical data results.

Draig Near-Surface Geoscience Specialists

Draig Geoscience was formed by Director Lee Tasker in March 2014 and is currently based in Perth, Western Australia.

Draig Geoscience is a multi-disciplined geoscience consultancy that provides geophysical and geotechnical services to the engineering, exploration, environmental, hydrogeological/groundwater and archaeological sectors. Draig Geoscience adds value to site investigations by providing sub-subsurface geophysical parameters which assist Client’s with their technical design and site assessments.

With a growing need to gain accurate ground models through multi-disciplined assessments, Draig Geoscience provides technical specialist knowledge to their Client’s in the near-surface spectrum. Draig Geoscience’s consulting team have over 30 years’ combined international experience working for or with multi-disciplined consultancies.

Draig Geoscience’s consultants have a wide range of scientific knowledge and varied multi-disciplined geophysics background, hence many technical solutions have been provided to Client’s over a range of industry sectors. Draig Geoscience’s goal is to provide accurate near-surface geophysical parameters and integrated 3D near-surface ground interpretations to the industry. Draig Geoscience’s goals are also to assist Client’s with reducing the risk of geological unknowns in design that may otherwise be experienced by relying on borehole, CPT/SPT and Test Pit data alone.

Few multi-disciplined geoscience consultancies cater for the near-surface industry, as most multi-disciplined geoscience consultancies focus on the deeper earth e.g. Oil & Gas (O&G) or Mineral Exploration industry. Draig Geoscience also focus on the geotechnical & civil engineering, environmental, hydrogeological and groundwater sectors therefore providing tailored near-surface investigations to suit the investigation objectives.

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Draig Geoscience provide a wide-range of geoscience consulting services, with world-wide happy clients. We utilise the latest geoscience surveying techniques for a range of applications including environmental monitoring, geotechnical studies, groundwater mapping, infrastructure assessments and mineral exploration.